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Mobile Localization Services

Mobile Localization in the Right-to-Left languages and layouts such as Arabic - Farsi - Hebrew - Urdu

When the software of your App reaches out to the global market officially, people who view or download the App could be located anywhere. Hence, your App may be available all over the globe, but it may not be globally ready and user-friendly. Today, localizing your Apps for the targeted audience is essential. This applies for both iOS & Android app localization platforms.

Why does App Localization Matter?

To Target the local audience and to increase the sales.

90 % of the mobile devices' activities are run by apps.

90 % of mobile apps are deleted within a few moments of downloading as the app is not build with an optimal user experience. Hence the app doesn't
meet the end users'expectations.

Providing services to the Prorammers and to the Marketing Managers in order to aid your business:

Programming your app with localization on any platform.

We support you to design a right-to-left UI that supports foreign characters.

Support to overcome the keyboard and display challenges of foreign devices.

Offering a positive purchasing experience to your customers in their vernacular language.

Testing your app for any language on any device and on any mobile operating system.

We ensure our mobile app translations are harmonious to the targeted language, thus, increasing the purchase through the mobile app, whether it was built for business-speak, slang, or colloquialism. Surely, we can deliver a professional experience to your local customers.

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